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View from the front verandaThane

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Gazebo 2012
The Gazebo at Lakeside 2012
Photo by Marilyn R. Horowitz
Lad's Grave 2012
Lad's Grave and Irv Litvag's bench 2012
Photo by Marilyn R. Horowit

The Larches 2012
The larches in the meadow 2012
Photo by Marilyn R. Horowit
From the Evening Lookout
Gazing down on the meadow towards the lake from the Evening Lookout 2012
Photo by Marilyn R. Horowitz
Lad's headstone 2012
Lad's headstone and the sleeping puppy 2012
Photo by Marilyn R. Horowitz
Deer in the woods 2012
We spotted a deer in the wooded area behind Champion Rock 2012
Photo by Marilyn R. Horowitz
View of the house area from the lake shore
Looking east from the lake shore toward the area where the house once stood

The lawn and the lake beyond in winter
The lake in winter from the lawn in front of Sunnybank House

The north lawn and, in the distance, Champion Rock and the collie graves

Sunset over Pompton Lake in August as the Terhunes would have seen it
Photo by Laura Sherr
The lily pool behind the house
The lily pool in spring
At the lookout with the lake in the distance
A view of the lake from the lookout

The Terhune Memorial with the puppy kennel in the background

Trellises of the rose walk covered with wisteria from the veranda
The fire-blue lake
Looking west across the "fire-blue" lake from the Sunnybank shore

Looking south at the lake through the larches

The plateau where Sunnybank House once stood

The root cellar

The rise of ground behind the house the burial site of many of the great Sunnybank Collies
The suuny bank that gave the Place its name
Trees, the lake, and a sunny bank
Up the slope toward the graves of Bruce and Jean
A view looking eastward up the slope where Jean and Bruce are buried

Restored puppy yard, Terhune Sunnybank Memorial Fund, 2003

Looking toward the grove where the additional graves lie.
The rosewalk and the larches
Looking northeast at the rose walk trellises and the larches beyond

The Gathering at Sunnybank, August, 2003

Lad's grave, restored in 2005. The lake is in the background
Photo by Marilyn R. Horowitz
Terhune Sunnybank Memorial
Tent for the Gathering activities
The Gathering at Sunnybank, August, 2001

The Van Riper - Hopper Museum, where the Terhune/Sunnybank treasures are now housed and on display
The entrance to Sunnybank today
Sunnybank entrance
Photo by Laura Sherr

Tristan, owned by Gerrie Oliver from Closter, NJ, at the Literary Landmark dedication ceremony

Part of the Estate photographed at the 2006 Gathering
Photo by Marilyn R. Horowitz
Terhune Sunnybank Memorial

Diagram of Terhune Memorial Park

Sunnybank, a Literary Landmark

Trail from parking lot to the lake
Lad's gravestone
View Photos of the Collie Burial Sites at Sunnybank


Lily pool where Jack the frog once lived
Working sheepdog
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