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The Terhune Sunnybank Memori
announces the  publication of "Pages from the Past," letters by Albert Payson Terhune from the Page Farm collection.
  VISIT: :http://www.colliesonline.com/ad_archive_2013/terhune_113013.htm   for details

Master of Sunnybank republished in paperback form:
The Master of Snnybank: A Biography of Albert Payson Terhune
by Irving Litvag (Paperback - October 2001)



Collie Health Foundation
"Dedicated to Preserving and Promoting Collie Health"

Photos: colorized photo of Terhune with Jean and Treve; Sigurdson and Explorer Photo of Bobby and Wolf, Photos of Fair Ellen and Explorer
from Wayne Lewis' Albert Payson Terhune Web Site
AWCA: American Working Collie Association The History of Sunnybank
Information from the Wayne County, NJ, Web Site

Albert Payson Terhune and Sunnybank
at the Wayne, NJ, Public Library 
Wayne Public Library has a large collection of rare Terhune works.

Terhune's books on the Web:
The Gathering, 2009 KyleDachshund Club of America
(for E.B. White and all the other Teckelfreunden)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SO-V7KNFYY8 DogLit-H, a list serve devoted to dogs in literature.
Gina Bisco's Sunnybank Collies has illustrations from the March 1922 St. Nicholas children's magazine The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Collie Club of America The American Kennel Club


The Terhune Family Home Page American Shetland Sheepdog Association
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Deutscher Teckelklub: der Zusammenschlu von Teckelfreunden unter dem Dach des VDH (Verband des deutschen Hundewesen) und dem Deutschen Teckelklub 1888 e.V.

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Wayne Lewis' Albert Payson Terhune Web Site.
Devoted to the writings of Albert Payson Terhune. Book, magazines, biographies and information on the Terhune family members, on Sunnybank, and on the Sunnybank Collies.

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