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As it appeared in the early 1960s

Photos courtesy of
Rosellen Loye-Bucy
Sunnybank drive.jpg (568570 bytes)
Rear View
Angled Rear View Entrance
Sunnybank barn.jpg (599476 bytes) Sunnybank porch-color.jpg (194091 bytes)  
Barn (with gate keeper's house in the right rear) Side veranda looking toward the front



The following photos were taken by James MacAfee. He passed on this information:

"They were taken in August, 1967. My Grandmother took the photos and had no flash so no indoor photos. I spent an hour inside. House was empty but still fully intact. I distinctly remember several things:

1) It was the first house in which I saw old fashion push-button electric light switches.

2) There was a wooden spiral staircase to the attic. The wood steps were thin enough that I remember stepping up against the center pole to reduce my weight on each step in case they were rotten. (They were not)

3) The fireplace mantel was extremely impressive.

4) There was a single new looking plastic flower on Lad's grave."

Sunnybank Barn Kennel
Another view of the barn The back veranda The Kennel
Lads Grave 1967  Wisteria in front of the house   
Lad's grave as it appeared in 1967   Overgrown wisteria