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"Some day, if I ever get a chance, I shall write a book, or warning, on the character and temperament of the dachshund and why he can't be trained and shouldn't be. I would rather train a striped zebra to balance on an Indian club than induce a dachshund to heed my slightest command."
E.B. White

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The Long-Haired Dachshund

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Bred in Germany to go to ground and hunt out badgers, the Dachshund comes in six distinct varieties identified by coat type and size - Smooth-Haired, Long-Haired, and Wire-Haired, each in Standard or Miniature size.

Of the Dachshund family, the Long-Haired with his soft, lustrous coat similar to that of an Irish Setter, is the most glamorous. His thick, waterproof, well-feathered coat protects him against thorns, while enabling him to endure extremes of temperature. As with all coated breeds, he requires regular grooming to keep his coat in good condition.

Being very territorial, the Long-Haired Dachshund makes an excellent little guard dog, issuing ferocious barks, and being very quick to either attack or defend when the need arises. With his friends, however, he is cheerful and affectionate, liking nothing better than congenial company.

Obedient, faithful, extremely intelligent, and easy to train, the Long-Haired Dachshund has a delightful sense of humour and makes a devoted companion. Embodying many big dog qualities in a small frame, the Long-Haired Dachshund has much to recommend it.

(extract from the Waltham Pet Gallery)

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The Dachshund Crest

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Dachshund Photos

Sweetgrass Kennel Puppies:  Tipper, Bergerac, Nikky, Stash and Casey


July 23, 1984 -
November 6, 1998

Lancer, Penny, and Kyle (63133 bytes)
Lancer, Penny, and Kyle

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August 10, 1984 - December 19, 1998

Penny at 14
Penny at 14

March 16, 1996 - March 15, 2007

Kyle and Penny at play (52869 bytes)
At Play
Kyle and Penny

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October 30, 1965 - August 30, 1980
(With Jenny, c. 1975)

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February 23, 1970 - October 27, 1984

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Annie at 14

Kurt aged 4 mos

Feb 04

Kurt, May, 2003

June 2007
Kyle_young.jpg (12287 bytes)
Kyle 7 mos

Kyle and Kurt
Rocky at 15 Weeks
H 30, 2008 - AUGUST 28,2008
Stash at 3 monthe
Bergerac at 6 Months

More of the Sweetgrass Puppies


Deutscher Teckelklub, Gegr. 1888, Sitz Duisburg

"Teckel, Dackel, Dachshund Verschiedene Namen, der gleiche Hund seibstbewu´┐Żl, darum so charakterfest sympathisch!" "Teckel, Dackel, Dachshund—though these are different names, they refer to the same breed: self confident and reliable and therefore so well liked."

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