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The Sunnybank Collies (Pg 2)










The Sunnybank Collies, Page 2: Click on the thumbnail for a larger view.

Sunnybank Thane
Sunnybank Thane
Photo Courtesy of Valerie Mitchell
Champion Sigurdson
Champion Sigurdson

In conference
Bert and three of his friends: Gray Dawn, CH Explorer, and CH Sigurdson
Anice with Sandy

Anice with Sandy at the Lily Pool
Jean, the Master, and Treve
The Master with Jean and Treve
Getting ready for a morning romp
Some Sunnybank Collies starting a morning romp with the Master
The Master, CH Explorer, and Gray Dawn
APT with Explorer and Gray Dawn
CH Sigurdson and CH Explorer
Sigurdson and Explorer
Gray Dawn on left as Chaeroplane leaps
"In Conference"
In Conference," Wolf on the right
Robert Friend with King Coal and two others
Robert Friend with three of the Collies, King Coal in front
"At Sunnybank"
he Master and his collies at Sunnybank
Fair Ellen
Fair Ellen
Drawn from life by Charles Livingston Bull
Sigurdson, Jean, and Gray Dawn
With Sigurdson, Jean and Gray Dawn (in front)

Photo Courtesy of Donna McKoy
Lochinvar II
Lochinvar II, son of Thane
At the Lily Pond
The Mistress at the Lily Pool with Beth and Sandy
Working with his "editors"
Wolf, Bobby, Treve (center), and Dawn
Photo Courtesy of Donna McKoy
Portrait of the Master and Sigurdson
Portrait of t
he Master and Sigurdson in Van Riper-Hopper Museum
Last of the Sunnybank Collies
George McCann, superintendent of Sunnybank with the eight collies* remaining after Terhune's death
The Master and Sandy
The Master and Sandy

Photo Courtesy of Donna McKoy
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* King Coal, Southern Girl, Buff, Jean II, Brake, Chief, Joan, and Donald Gray