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The Sunnybank Collies (Pg 1)

At Sunnybank: The Master and His Colies

"Comedian dogs, spectacular dogs, gloriously human dogs, Sunnybank collies of every phase of heart and brain and soul, one common and pathetically early tragedy has waited or waits for you all! Among you, you have taught me more of true loyalty and patience and courtesy and divine forgiveness and solid sanity and fun and a hundred other worth-while lessons, than all the masters I have studied under."            Albert Payson Terhune

The Sunnybank Collies, Page 1: Click on the thumbnail for a larger view.

CH  Sunnybank Thane
Gray Dawn
Gray Dawn
Wolf with the Mistress
CH Sunnybank Sigurd
Lad of Sunnybank
Lad of Sunnybank
Bruce, Lad, Wolf, and Lass
The Master and Bruce (L), Lad (R), Wolf (Fr), and Lass
Sigurd (Treve)
The Master and Treve
The Master with Sandy
Bert holding Sandy (left)
CH Sunnybank Sigurd
CH Sunnybank Sigurd
Sigurdson and Gray Dawn
With CH Sunnybank Sigurdson and Gray Dawn
Beth, King Coal, Chips, and Sandy
Beth, King Coal, Chips, and Sandy
Bruce, Lad, and Wolf
Bruce, Lad, and Wolf
Anice, Explorer, and Gray Dawn
Anice Terhune, the Mistress, with Champion Sunnybank Explorer and Gray Dawn
Bert Anice and several of their chums
Fair Ellen between the Mistress and the Master reaching for the treat and Wolf at the far right
Snippets of Lad's Hair (Library of Congress)
Envelope in the Library of Congress containing snippets of Lad's hair
The Master with Beth
Beth and the Master

Dawn, Bert, and Bobby
Photo courtesy of Marilyn R. Horowitz, Terhune Sunnybank Memorial
Bruce, Wolf, and Lad
The Master with Bruce, Wolf, and Lad (at the Master's feet)

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